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His purpose was for the nations to seek after God and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him—though he is not far from any one of us. For in him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17: 27-28

Meeting together for years, Genavieve, Lisa and Alia began pondering the question, “When have we ever felt joy in our bodies?” This was a pivotal question because each of us, for different reasons, had attempted to cope with our individual life’s circumstances by shutting down emotional sensations we felt in our bodies. Attempting to live primarily out of the wisdom and knowing of our minds alone, we found ourselves numb and disconnected from the bodies and emotions God had given us. This realization led us to begin a journey guided by the Holy Spirit toward regaining wholeness and connection among our bodies, emotions and thoughts.  

When have you felt joy in your body? The best example we could each resonate with was a feeling of freedom, satisfaction and joy while dancing as a child.  So beginning in 2011, the three of us became intentional about discovering a positive connection with our bodies through movement by weekly attendance at a secular dance/movement class. Our love for Christ kept Him at the center of our experience, and God literally met each of us on the dance floor, where he began healing our deepest wounds. Alia was awakened to reconnecting with her God-given emotions shut off due to trauma. Lisa was empowered to reclaim respect for her body and declare it as precious and good (Gen 1:31). Genavieve was liberated to embody all aspects of her unique self, including her voice and strength, and not just those aspects that pleased others. 

Eventually our dance teacher informed us she was moving out of state, and we were devastated to lose what we had found. Instead of finding another class, we opted to keep moving in our homes while choreographing movement to Christian songs -  in congruence with our faith. We continued to meet weekly, using movement to symbolize our beliefs, worship God and allow His presence within our bodies to transform our hurts. 

After hearing of what we were doing, a women’s pastor asked us if we would be willing to offer a class during their upcoming women’s retreat. God appeared to be opening doors to invite others into the powerful experience we were having through Christ-centered movement and worship! In God’s perfect timing, our dance instructor returned to Colorado just in time to lead us through 36 hours of intensive FAB dance and instructional training so that we would feel equipped to lead others. Praise in Motion was well received at the retreat and women asked repeatedly, “Where can I do this regularly?!” Thus, Praise in Motion was launched! 

Our Praise in Motion team has been leading classes in multiple church venues since 2013.

We are honored to invite women into the healing journey we continue to practice. Praise in Motion is more than a body-focused exercise class or mind-centered Bible study. 

Praise in Motion is a Christ-centered, mind-body-Spirit transformative healing journey.


We welcome you to join our community and begin your own transformative journey with the Lord!

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